Give That Man an Honorary License

You hear about the man who with no flight experience who came into real trouble when the pilot of the Cessna he was in became incapacitated? He radioed the tower and they gave him a quick block of instruction and he landed the plane without incident. Give that man a license!

London Broil on the Smoker

Inspired by a friend’s London Broil earlier this week, I’ve been craving one all week. Problem is, it’s just way too big a piece of meat for me to eat in one sitting and this is the type of meat designed to be consumed immediately after cooking. This particular roast could easily feed 5 people. There’s no freezing for later. Instead, I thought, what if I quartered the slab and cooked each piece individually. I can freeze the other 3 pieces for later use, if nothing else, I can use the other 3 pieces to tweak the process. So that’s my experiment today. I’ll reverse sear this mini London Broil. BTW, the name refers to the method of cooking – traditionally broiled. You sear the meat all the way around prior to finishing off in your broiler. There is no slab of meat called a London Broil. This one is top round. I used my favorite BBQ mentor’s (Malcom from HowtoBBQRight) directions for his Grilled London Broil Recipe as a guideline.

Your typical London Broil – feeds up to 5

First step is to prick needle holes into the meat to help tenderize the meat and help get that marinade into the meat. Not having a jaccard for the job, I used a regular fork and just stuck it all the way to the bottom. I stuck the whole slab. After trying this particular method of London Broil I can tell you there will be a jaccard in my kitchen very soon. Matter of fact, I intend on getting 2 jaccards – one for the house and the other for the RV. I can see myself making this while camping quite a bit.

Next I used some Killer Hog AP seasoning to provide a light coat of seasoning on all sides before placing the meat into a ziplock bag for 6 hours with BBQ sauce/Balsamic Vinegar/minced garlic marinade.

Divided, lightly seasoned

I’ve got two Oklahoma Joe smokers – the Highland and the Rambler. The Highland is a traditional dual drum offset smoker. In a word, it’s huge. The Rambler is the smallest charcoal/wood stick smoker/grill combo OJ makes. It’s the smallest I want to go while still providing the smoking/heat retaining qualities of thick gauge steel. I purchased this for my camping needs. A bit heavier than I’d like for camping but if you want quality you have to put up with the weight. The Rambler works so good, I often use it at the house when grilling or smoking smaller pieces of meat, such as this Mini London Broil. I chose to use my Rambler for this.

I fired up a couple pounds of Royal Oak lump charcoal with a couple tumbleweeds and had it settle on 250 degrees with all the coal on the right-hand side of the Rambler and a grate on over the left side. This is going to require indirect heat for the first portion of my cook so my fire is on the right, my meat on the left side. Throw a couple chunks of pecan on the coals for good measure. After draining the marinade off the steak I layered Montreal Steak Seasoning over all sides, stuck my bluetooth thermometer down the center of the meat and placed the roast on the grate, sealed up the Rambler and monitored it to maintain that 250 degree cook until the inside temperature of the roast hit 110 degrees. Doesn’t take long.

Montreal Steak and stabbed with a thermometer
Maintain that 250 degrees

Once that internal heat hits 110, I removed it from the smoker and tented it in some aluminum foil while I spread the coals around, moved them up to the highest level, closer to the grates, placed my Grill Grates on top, sealed it up, opened bottom and top vents full, raising my cooking temp to between 400-500 degrees (about 10-15 minutes). In the meantime, I was monitoring the heat of the meat. It kept rising up to 119 degrees, and settled back down to 116 just before I placed it on the hot Grill Grates for searing.

My instructions called for 6 minutes on each side, but using them Grill Grates, you divide that up to 3 minutes, rotate 45 degrees for another 3 minutes, then repeat on the other side. By the way, if you haven’t heard of GrillGrates yet, now is the time to check out. They make them for most grills, and if they don’t they’ll cut them down to size for you. All your steaks will taste and look better than you have ever done. Trust me on this. Internal heat hit 143 at the end of the 12 minutes sear. I removed the roast and folded it into more aluminum foil to rest for 10 minutes. Gives it time to rest and soak back up some of its juices.

Time to remove and rest prior to slicing

After that 10 minute rest I transferred the London Broil over to the cutting board and let my brisket slicer work it’s magic. Thin slices at an angel. Medium looking cook. For a medium rare, I may have to shorten the searing cycle to 11 minutes. I’ll try that next time around There will be a next time around. This was fantastic. Just me eating, no need for a plate. The cutting board IS my plate.

Supreme Leakage

Boy, them GOP’ers have their drawers in a bunch over the leak from the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz says, “In over two centuries of our nation’s history…this has never happened,” and “this is as corrosive, as destructive to the Supreme Court as we’ve ever seen.” My first response is, why don’t we know what the Supreme Court is doing? Shouldn’t they be transparent? If we knew what they were doing there could be no leaks, right? Instead, politicians want to keep their agenda secret, as if they were highly guarded state secrets that we wouldn’t want our enemies to know. And honestly, that’s what we are today when it comes to the parties – enemies. History has shown when the United States of America doesn’t have a common enemy to focus on in unity, we tend to turn on ourselves.

Since the Chump became president, I have had a particular loathsomeness towards the GOP and intend to vote against them in any way possible until those particular feelings subside. I don’t even know how long that will take. Prior to Chump I never voted party lines. Always an independent voting Democrat in some areas and Republican in others. That ended with Chump. Since his Reign of Idiocy I have voted strictly Democrat.

My stance on abortion is that I don’t think an abortion should happen just because it’s inconvenient at this time to have a child. In cases of rape and incest? Sure. Is the mother’s life at risk? Sure. But that’s just my opinion. I exist because I wasn’t aborted. Pretty much after that I haven’t had a chicken in this fight.

What I find mildly ironic, is that the same people pushing for banning all abortions because “aww…. The poor babies,” are the same ones who have no issues separating children from their parents at the border, because, “fuck them kids.”

Then there are the ones who like to draw the analogy of killing an unborn bald eagle. “You kill an unborn bald eagle and it’s a crime, but we don’t protect our children.” Bitch, please. Last I checked, I can’t just indiscriminately walk into someone’s house and kill their unborn child. So not the same. That’s a 1+1=orange scenario.

Best Buy can go Love Themselves

Shoot. I just throw my replaced unwanted appliances right on the curb with a piece of paper taped to that contains the words “free” and “works.” The Recycle Fairy swoops in and takes it away for free within minutes. Sometimes I don’t even have to do that. People have actually knocked on my door just to make sure that entertainment center was there to be taken.

According this article people actually pay for that to happen?

Best Buy can go love themself. When was the last time I even stepped foot in a Best Buy? Had to be around the time that X-Files and Star Trek TNG was coming out in full seasons on DVD.

This reminds me I’ve got a fully operational over the range microwave to drag out to the curb this weekend.

Spring Forward

For those of us who still wear real watches, and not some Dick-Tracy-wannabe-lets-notify-me-without-having-to-carry-a-phone-yet-another-gadget-tell-me-you’re-a-nerd-without-telling-me-you’re-a-nerd, it’s that time again. Personally, I wish we’d just get rid of Daylight Savings Time altogether.

Those with the smart watches will be really happy when the iBrain iMplants come out. Perhaps they’ll even charge themselves off our bodies, essentially, using our bodies as the battery. We’ll just call ourselves copper tops.

I kid, I kid. I’m a bit envious of Apple watches. But my love of real watches is a bit stronger and wins out. At least for now. I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date.

The irony of the movement of my GS and the title of this blog post is not lost on me. 🙂