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I helped out at a Retiree Appreciation day on Saturday. Sunday we went with some friends for a meal at Logans and then a movie. I only had a salad there so that I could fill up on popcorn at the movie. We watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I enjoyed the movie, but the normal theater distractions were in full effect. Cell phones going off, kids talking. A Couple times the staff of the theater had to come in and quiet people down by threatening to have them removed. This would have been a good film to see for the first time on DVD in my home. I really enjoyed it, and it was pretty freaky (scary) in a few parts. Quite a few people screamed during the movie. Read this past blog for my opinions on theaters. One thing to keep in mind if you go see it – it’s not a movie like the Exorcist, it’s a movie about a trial, and during the trial there are flashbacks to what happened.

We picked up a large Hamilton-Beach food processor. I’ll be using that to make some salsa.

The president has chosen his replacement for O’Connor. Thing is, she has no experience as being a judge. Well, that’s one of his jobs – to pick the judges. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to hire a mechanic, he better have some experience, no?

In the Mac universe, Apple is apparently getting rid of excess inventory by secretly upgrading the Mac Mini. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell by the packaging if you are getting one of these treats, but many people have reported it already – memory boosts, increased CPU speed. It’s like buying a 110 piece tool set but when you get home and open it, you get the 150 one instead. Sweet!

Remember the format wars between Beta and VHS? They are about to happen again. There are two competing technologies (link no longer exists). One is called Blu-ray and the other is HD-DVD. Both are fighting over which will replace the current DVD format. The best doesn’t always win. Beta was a better technology over VHS but we all know who took that cake. I’m sure the first round of the new DVD players will offer machines that can handle both formats.

PC users can rejoice about the upcoming version of Office 12. Built in PDF support will be a part of it. Mac users have enjoyed this for some time now because PDF is an integral part of our operating system. Any application on a Mac can print to PDF instead of to the printer – right out of the box.

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CNN Quick Vote
Q. Do you think Supreme Court justices should have previous experience on the bench?
A. Yes.
Call me crazy, but I think that if you are going to be serving as a judge in highest court in our land, you should have some experience being a judge.

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