Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio Review

I ordered the Acase iPad Case off Amazon’s Best Deals page over the weekend. Prime Shipping and no taxes pulled $25.95 out of my account. List price goes for around $79.

My first impression of this case is that it is solidly built and very attractive. It look and feels every bit of $79. Unfortunately, those same reasons are why I prefer the little Apple branded folio. This thing is huge. With my iPad in there, it becomes the thickness of over 3 iPads stacked on top of each other.

The description “Interior suede lining for scratch protection” was a bit misleading. Only half the interior is suede lined, and that would be the back half of the iPad. There were no pictures of the folio in an open configuration where one could see the suede. Granted, that’s probably the most scratch susceptible portion of the iPad, but I was really looking forward to the entire lining being suede. Having a suede lining covering your screen is probably more troublesome anyhow. I can imagine the oils from the screen becoming embedded in that lining from the frequent contact, forever marring your freshly cleaned display.

My biggest complaint about this case deals with the cover. When you open it, it has 4 protruding rectangular bumps on each end – top and bottom. I’m not sure what the purpose of these are but I’ll tell you what they do. They make the cover sag in the middle when closed, and I don’t like the way that looks at all.

All controls, the docking port, and speakers are not obstructed in any way. There is a button closure, and a Moleskine-esq strap on the back that I’m guessing is to put your hand through for added support while reading or extended viewing. That extra support will be needed because the folio itself will add 12 ounces to the weight of your iPad – that’s more than half the weight of the iPad alone. I’m sure this folio will provide outstanding protection while garnering many compliments, but for myself, I prefer the ugly old Apple branded folio. When more protection is needed, I’ll proudly slip my iPad into this folio.