The Magic Bullet

Every once in a while I come across an infomercial that garners enough of my attention to do a little research on it; find out if it actually lives up to its intentions. The Magic Bullet was one of those infomercials. I’ve seen it several times and each time I thought to myself, “If it really does all that then I’d like to have one.”

Saturday I was sitting on the couch when that infomercial began playing again. This time, I decided to do something about it. I went online and did a little research. Mostly what I found were good reviews with a smackering of bad ones lamenting that it didn’t do this or that well. Most of the “so-so” reviews gave the machine a rather good reputation, often mentioning how great it was, but after a year or so of using it 3 times a day, the gears gave out and they had to buy another one. They had to buy another one… That pretty much sums it up for me. This thing appears to do its job so well that when it breaks, people actually replace it with another one. They can’t live without it!

Ordering it from the telly would have set me back around $150 (including taxes and shipping). I did what any cost-conscious person would have done – check Amazon. There it was. Amazon had the same model with the same accessories, and all for $54.72. No taxes. No shipping charges. Having Prime membership also meant that it was shipped via 2-day shipping for free.

I’ve only used it for one night, but I did run some tests on it. The Magic Bullet has excelled in the frozen drink department. I don’t care for the recipe it gives for Margaritas, but using my own recipe it turned out fantastic! Probably the best I’ve ever made. The Magic Bullet took that ice and beat it down to an extremely smooth slush. I used the included recipe for salsa. Again, I don’t care for that particular recipe but it did a fine chop chopping everything up.

If you are expecting more recipes than what you see on the infomercial, you’ll be a bit disappointed as everything they cover there are all that’s included, but that’s OK. Absence of recipes doesn’t take anything away from the performance of this machine. I look forward to trying out their recipes for hummus and my own recipes for guacamole.

One obvious false claim: you can do all these recipes in 10 seconds. This does not include the time it takes to get your ingredients ready. 10 seconds is throwing them into the blender. Just sayin.