Supreme Leakage

Boy, them GOP’ers have their drawers in a bunch over the leak from the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz says, “In over two centuries of our nation’s history…this has never happened,” and “this is as corrosive, as destructive to the Supreme Court as we’ve ever seen.” My first response is, why don’t we know what the Supreme Court is doing? Shouldn’t they be transparent? If we knew what they were doing there could be no leaks, right? Instead, politicians want to keep their agenda secret, as if they were highly guarded state secrets that we wouldn’t want our enemies to know. And honestly, that’s what we are today when it comes to the parties – enemies. History has shown when the United States of America doesn’t have a common enemy to focus on in unity, we tend to turn on ourselves.

Since the Chump became president, I have had a particular loathsomeness towards the GOP and intend to vote against them in any way possible until those particular feelings subside. I don’t even know how long that will take. Prior to Chump I never voted party lines. Always an independent voting Democrat in some areas and Republican in others. That ended with Chump. Since his Reign of Idiocy I have voted strictly Democrat.

My stance on abortion is that I don’t think an abortion should happen just because it’s inconvenient at this time to have a child. In cases of rape and incest? Sure. Is the mother’s life at risk? Sure. But that’s just my opinion. I exist because I wasn’t aborted. Pretty much after that I haven’t had a chicken in this fight.

What I find mildly ironic, is that the same people pushing for banning all abortions because “aww…. The poor babies,” are the same ones who have no issues separating children from their parents at the border, because, “fuck them kids.”

Then there are the ones who like to draw the analogy of killing an unborn bald eagle. “You kill an unborn bald eagle and it’s a crime, but we don’t protect our children.” Bitch, please. Last I checked, I can’t just indiscriminately walk into someone’s house and kill their unborn child. So not the same. That’s a 1+1=orange scenario.

Best Buy can go Love Themselves

Shoot. I just throw my replaced unwanted appliances right on the curb with a piece of paper taped to that contains the words “free” and “works.” The Recycle Fairy swoops in and takes it away for free within minutes. Sometimes I don’t even have to do that. People have actually knocked on my door just to make sure that entertainment center was there to be taken.

According this article people actually pay for that to happen?

Best Buy can go love themself. When was the last time I even stepped foot in a Best Buy? Had to be around the time that X-Files and Star Trek TNG was coming out in full seasons on DVD.

This reminds me I’ve got a fully operational over the range microwave to drag out to the curb this weekend.

Spring Forward

For those of us who still wear real watches, and not some Dick-Tracy-wannabe-lets-notify-me-without-having-to-carry-a-phone-yet-another-gadget-tell-me-you’re-a-nerd-without-telling-me-you’re-a-nerd, it’s that time again. Personally, I wish we’d just get rid of Daylight Savings Time altogether.

Those with the smart watches will be really happy when the iBrain iMplants come out. Perhaps they’ll even charge themselves off our bodies, essentially, using our bodies as the battery. We’ll just call ourselves copper tops.

I kid, I kid. I’m a bit envious of Apple watches. But my love of real watches is a bit stronger and wins out. At least for now. I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date.

The irony of the movement of my GS and the title of this blog post is not lost on me. 🙂

Mystery Parts

Davis Mountains

Enjoyed a small vacation in the Davis Mountains, located in Southwest Texas. Some good hiking opportunities abound and within short driving distance to the McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis, Davis Mountain State Park, and about an hour from Balmorhea State Park (should it happen to be open on any given day). As most areas in Southwest Texas at this time of year the temperature range is conducive to what I call descent camping weather. The overnight lows dipped down into the 20s and the highs reached into the low 70s. We set that thermostat on 62 degrees at night while enjoying an overly warm sherpa blanket. Next time we might just have to bump that down to 60 degrees.

Sometimes I swear the Lance builders hide stray parts that will eventually work lose and appear out of nowhere on your floor after putting your portable home through a three-hour 8.0 earthquake.

Mystery Parts

The black tab… who knows? Showed up a couple years ago. I’ve searched high and low. Seems to be of the same material as the fridge but I can’t figure out where it could be from.

The pin is a new development. Occurred on the last FTX. Identical to the hinges of the toilet seat lid. But both of those are accounted for. Perhaps it belongs somewhere inside the foot pedal assembly of the toilet, because I broke that on on our very last day, thank the shit gods that be that it occurred on our last day. My foot accidentally slipped off the pedal, causing it to slam shut followed by the clinking of a small piece of plastic dropping to the floor. Now when I push the foot pedal down to flush, it just turns the water in the bowl on but does not open the flapper.

I’ve already bought the replacement Thetford Style II high profile (with sprayer) so that will be my next big project. Wish I could be happy with a plastic bowl – I could’ve saved myself $50 or so. Replacement is easy enough. 2 bolts and a screw on waterline.

The Mystery parts? Guess I’ll throw them into a compartment box for safe keeping just in case I figure out where they really went.

Claatu, Verata, Nicto

A solemn phrase, only to be uttered just prior to removing the Necronomicon in order to avert the release of the Army of Darkness. And you better know what you’re saying. No coughing while saying any syllable because you’ve forgotten the magic words. Apparently the Army of Darkness can sense whether you’re saying “Nicto” or “Neck tie.” “Basically said it,” doesn’t count.

And if you’re a Priest uttering magic incantations for baptism, the rules still apply. Or so two decades’ worth of parishioners learned recently – including the Dioceses of Phoenix when they realized the shepherd had been baptizing his flock in the first person plural “we,” as opposed to the singular vernacular, “I,” when incanting “I baptize you in the names of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Their baptisms have been ruled invalid.

Claatu… Veratu…. *cough* Neck tie