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NOUN- A general decrease in the valuation of your company when your main boy thinks he can buy and run another company – but instead fucks it. NPR is reporting that Tesla stock not only lost 65% of its value in 2022, but 12% in a single day in 2023. Also provides four reasons why. […]

Amazon To Get A Bit More Suckier

Amazon is laying off more of their employees. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a downward spiral in that industry over the last couple years. Used to be, when I’d ordered something as a Prime Member I would have the options to have it here by next week, in 3 days, or I […]

United Baggage Bonanza

Wow. Just another reason I haven’t, and never will, voluntarily fly again. Some crazy shit right here. Luggage that was being tracked by the actual customer via an Apple AirTag going all over the place while United Airlines told her the bag was safely secured in their distribution Center. When in fact, it was at […]

Give That Man an Honorary License

You hear about the man who with no flight experience who came into real trouble when the pilot of the Cessna he was in became incapacitated? He radioed the tower and they gave him a quick block of instruction and he landed the plane without incident. Give that man a license!

Addicted To Our Devices

This began as a story about being addicted to smartphones but ended up being about notifications in iOS 5 instead. A recent article from CNN claims that we are addicted to our smartphones and launches a list of reasons and symptoms to support his claim, and finally gives a solution – lock your devices up […]