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An Appeal to iPhone Developers

Usually I’m throwing stories into the whiner category about someone whining about something. Today, I’m whining. This is an appeal to iPhone app developers. When you create a paid version of a program you have previously offered for free, feel free to grab my settings from the previous version I have already installed.

Experiments with the App Store

A nice experiment was had over at appcubby. This has been one of the main guys complaining about the way Apple’s App Store operates. Reading his little experiment, you get the impression that he has created quite a few awesome applications for the iPhone platform. He continues to explain that he decided to lower the […]

I can’t get free wifi from att hotspots…waaaaaaaa

See here. People are complaining that they can’t get the free wifi service available from ATT because ATT requires the use of a text message for authentication before they let you use it for free. What’s the catch you say? They have their text messages disabled. Solution? Quit being cheapos! You’re using a premier phone, […]