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Earth day schmearth day

So “everyone” around the world turned their lights off for an hour last night to commemorate our realization that Global Warming is a reality and that we can possibly do something to avoid it. Carol’s watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and they are playing this game on it right now. I’m […]

Wii are having fun!

The best part of the Wii are the “freebie” games that come with it. That also goes for the Zapper that you can buy as an accessory. The game that comes with the zapper is my current favorite, Links Crossbow Training. That gives me 27 levels of targets to shoot at. My favorite of those […]

Windy season returns

Every year, from sometime in February until sometime in April, the winds come a-blowin’. My first wind season here would have been in 1997. I remember it well. Birds were laying low on the ground. Big birds too – not your swallows or sweep but big honkin’ pigeons. Big enough to pass for a delectable […]

Voter polls

We were getting tired of all the pollsters calling up, trying to sway our votes one way or another. We decided to have a little fun with that. Let me say I don’t believe in voting in the primaries, as that will force me to vote party lines, which is something I don’t do. Sorry. […]