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Cruise to Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Today the local HOG Chapter cruised to Cloudcroft, New Mexico, then to Sunspot for a BBQ. When we got to Sunspot, they had no grills for our steaks. We ended up heading back to Cloudcroft and had our BBQ there. You can check out the pics of today here. Pictured above is our starting point.

DoBot Todos feedback

I’m giving DoBot Todos (link will open your iTunes and view the application in the App Store) a shot. It’s a pretty nice Todo application, and it’s free! I was creating some To-Dos today when it seemed awkward when trying to assign a due day. In the above picture, I am attempting to set a […]

I’m tweeting!

Haven’t been updating the blog much. I have starting “tweeting” using the twitter service. I’m using Twitterrific on both my iPhone and Mac. If you use twitter, you can follow me here. It’s Wednesday here, so another day off for me. Next Wednesday will be the end of my summer schedule. Got a ride coming […]