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OmniWeb Set Free

My one-time favorite Mac web browser is now free. It was my favorite until I waited those 12 historic hours to lay my hands on one of the first iPhones. Then bookmark syncing between the browser on my iPhone and my desktop overuled any loyalty I had for OmniWeb. I started using OmniWeb during my […]

Terms of Service

Terms of Service, or TOS. Are you really reading everything you are agreeing to when you click on that “I agree” button? Here’s an excellent article on FOX News that shows many of the more common services and some portions of their TOS. Money quote: “In the extreme, he said, “They can take little Susie’s […]

Experiments with the App Store

A nice experiment was had over at appcubby. This has been one of the main guys complaining about the way Apple’s App Store operates. Reading his little experiment, you get the impression that he has created quite a few awesome applications for the iPhone platform. He continues to explain that he decided to lower the […]

2 Kindle or Not…

Amazon released their 2nd iteration of their self-proclaimed popular eBook reader. I say self-proclaimed because I have yet to see anyone using one. When Apple pronounced their iPods as popular, you could see everyone and their brother with some white earbuds dangling from their heads. I’m still waiting to see someone outside the tech-writing industry […]