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iPhone copy/paste not so standard

Now that I’ve had a chance to review Apple’s iPhone event from yesterday, compliments of iTunes, I have mixed feelings regarding the implementation of copy/paste. I love the fact that I’ll have it, but why the inconsistent calling of it? In Mail I doubletap the word. In Safari I have to press and hold. Don’t […]

Apple to fix iPhone shortcomings

Apple announced today the new features coming to the iPhone 3.0 software. Among the “100” new features lie a nest of basics. Copy/paste. MMS. Universal searching. Note syncing. All items that should have been included with the original, but for some reason or another were not. I’ve been able to totally enjoy my original iPhone […]

2 Lessons Learned

Last weekend I rode with my HOG Club to Tombstone, Arizona. It was pretty fun. We left Friday morning and made our way west via the back roads; riding through Columbus, NM, Douglas, AZ, Bisbee, AZ, and finally up into Sierra Vista, AZ, where we had our reservations. Everyone pretty much went their separate ways […]