Eating Through My Data

Today I kept track of my data usage while on 3G using what I would refer to as minimal internet usage. The day began with 15 MB already used and my  battery level was at 61%.

I deleted 7 messages in Mail (MobileMe, push), then clicked link on email from Apple to check the status of my Apple iPad Case via FedEx. It’s in Hong Kong, from China.

Lunch time: checked usage. Browsed tv guide (iPad version) for tonight’s episodes of Lost and V. Checked weather with WeatherBug (no video). Checked RSS feeds with NewsRack (33 feeds, 2 new articles). Checked Amazon’s Deals section on Amazon’s iPad app. Browsed my bank website through 1Password. Browsed the USA Today app and read a couple articles (did not look at the day in pictures).

During the day Mail had downloaded 10 messages, 2 of which contained attachments less than 50kb in size.

Back home under the umbrella of my airport Extreme, I switched off 3G and checked my usage – 26MB. Battery is at 43%

Using what I would call minimal usage, I still managed to eat through 11MB of data. I can’t imagine what I would do under regular usage. I guess the Prez of AT&T was correct in stating that us users really have no idea how much data we are really using.

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