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Sometimes, there are Decent Advertisements

Well wadayaknow? Honest advertising works. Even a broke-ass clock is correct twice a day. Unless said clock’s hands are literally broken off. Then I suppose it’s never correct. Ya’ll know I hate advertisements. I’m not against them. I mean, someone’s got to pay the bill for Facebook, right? But if I had my ‘d’rathers, I’d […]

Hypocrite of the Decade Award Goes to…

Jessa Duggar. About 10 years. That’s all it took for Ms. Duggar to go from No Abortion is the Holocaust, to “Let’s have an abortion!” “Due to risks of complications with passing the fetus at home, she said she decided to check in to a hospital to perform a dilation and curettage procedure to remove […]

Watch This…

Orient Blog talking about their first digital watch. I remember that. My paternal grandfather, known to us as Grandpa Basil, had one. I remember seeing him wearing it. Placing it on the shelf. I’d touch it to turn on the display. Had to be a major battery hog as that tech had not gained the […]

Cielo Vista Mall Shooting

It’s been over 3 years since the Walmart shooting here in El Paso and now we have a 2nd shooting right next door, at the Cielo Vista Mall. Literally, the next property plot over. In fact, when the Walmart shooting happened, there were people who thought something was going on at the Cielo Vista Mall […]

BasilWeb’s 20th Anniversary Year

Not to be confused with Walt’s Corner, which was started in 2005 and was maintained at that time with iWeb (the fuck is that?). Walt’s Corner lives on BasilWeb. BasilWeb began in 2003. I was in the process of transitioning out of the army. One of the courses told us to make sure we had […]