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RIP Jerry Springer

RIP Jerry Springer.

Tucker Carlson is Out!

So long Tucker! Don’t let the door hit ya where your good lord split ya! Go spread them lies elsewhere now. Get your own domain and join the other fallen has beens, like Bill O’Reilly. Or better yet, collaborate with Bill and come up with the Twin Zone.

DC to DC Charger Install Part 2: The Trailer

Part 2 of a 2-part series of installing an on-board DC to DC Charger for your RV. Part 2 covers the install in the trailer.

Fox News – FAFO SE

Fox News Fucked Around and Found Out!

More Mass Shootings than Number of Days in 2023 So Far.

There have been more mass shootings than the the number of days this year so far. And that doesn’t even include gun violence that is not classified as “mass shootings.” How long before we decide to do something about this, other than to say “It’s the person’s fault, not the gun?”

#MassShootings #GunViolence