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Echoes of Home by M L Rayner – A Ghost Story with Ties to the Heart

I’m not the fastest reader, but I chug along reading every night before bed. The latest finished novel comes from Matt Rayner, Echoes of Home. Reading took me from May 5 – May 23 at my usual intended 15-20 minutes per night but being the page-turner it was, on a couple occasions, had me pushing […]

Taco Tuesday a Trademarked Phrase?

I had no idea Taco Tuesday was a trademarked phrase, but there it is! I thought it was my idea!

Free/Inexpensive eBook Deals – Do They Pay the Piper?

I dive into the greasy underworld of books/ebooks publishing and get answers straight from the proverbial horses’ mouths – M.L. Rayner, Jeff Strand, and Dan Moren. What’s the difference in the authors’ pocketbook when it comes to outright purchasing, renting, or getting that phat discount?

Wordsworth & Bläck Fountain Pen

My newest fountain pen

Tucker Carlson’s Cujo Complex

Tucker Carlson’s Cujo Complex – text reveals moments of clarity during his decent into madness.