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RV Mod – Drawer Pin Catch

When traveling with an RV, things tend to bounce and jar loose. This is my solution to keep the locking pin from being jarred out of my dining booth drawer.

Midland MXMC01 Undocumentation – Speaker Select

The Midland MXMC01 is a replacement Speaker/mic for your Midland MXT275 or MXT 575 GMRS radio. It boasts a much larger display that translates into more human words in the menu system rather than codes. What’s conspicuously missing from the documentation is any reference to the built-in speaker of the the handheld mic. It does have one and here is how to choose between the mic and radio base speaker.

Weber Smokey Joe Mods

Basic mods to the lowly Weber Smokey Joe kettle grill.

Review – What the Fuck was That? By Bridgett Nelson

What the Fuck was That? By Bridgett Nelson – a collection of 3 short-ish stories guaranteed to help keep you awake at night. Especially while camping. Alone. In the dark. Short review and more info at the link.