iOS 17

Yeah, so I did a thang. I upgraded both iPhones and iPad to 17. To be honest, the only difference I see right off the bat is the plus (+) button to the left of my keyboard input to select photos or camera, or this new thing called stickers. Whatever the fuck that is. Stickers must be all that stupid shit I see polluting my various timelines. FATS.

I do like the new Earth Detail wallpaper. Shows where I’m at on my wake screen on this big island Earth in relation to where the sun shines. Or doesn’t. In case I forget where I am. Thanks Apple. Might come in handy if I’m ever turned into a vampire. Get a visual of just how much time/space I have before those devastating sun rays start to boil my skin.

That new Standby thing might be cool. If I charged my iPhone by plugging into the port and balancing it standing on its side. Who the fuck does that? Mine lays down flat. On a wireless charger. Every night.

Something something about locking in private browsing mode or something. I quickly continued through those screens the first time I opened Safari. At least none of my normal usage so far has broke. In my nuts shell, everything still works, so… yay