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iPad’s in the House!

My iPad arrived yesterday at 1:34 PM. Unusually early for a new Apple device to arrive at my door. Past experience has shown me that if Fedex claims I’ll have my item by 3, I’ll get it by the end of the night, if at all. Once, the item didn’t arrive on said delivery day. […]

The Expo that wasn’t

The Macworld Expo is going on this week, and Apple’s Keynote Presentation, normally delivered by Dear Leader himself, was in a word: lame. Lamest. Expo. Ever. No wonder Steve didn’t want to give that presentation. How could he possibly follow other keynotes with one that announces updates to iLife and iWork? Think about the past […]

Apple’s Black Friday, blacker than first thought?

I got this email from Apple enticing me to pay a visit to the online store. “Lots of gifts. 1 day not to miss. Get the season’s best prices on Mac, iPod, and iPhone gifts.” I headed over to the online store this morning to see what all the hype was about. Nothing. $10 here. […]

Current iTunes prices take 5

Five more years, that is. The Copyright Royalty Board voted to keep the current rates in place for another 5 years. The news agencies are happy that the iTunes Store won’t be closing. I wish they would have raised the rate, just to show the world that iTunes wouldn’t have closed. Come on folks, iTunes […]

Oh no… iTunes shutting down?

I think not. Macworld reports that Apple may shut down the iTunes store should the music industry get their way – more money for their songs. iTunes is a huge money-maker for Apple. Not in and of itself, but the halo-effect of all the iPods, iPhones, and Apple TV that sell to communicate and deliver […]