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Weber Smokey Joe Mods

Basic mods to the lowly Weber Smokey Joe kettle grill.

Spring Break 2023 Road-trip

Spring Break 2023 took us to Joshua Tree National park with plenty of stops in between. #LanceLife #Lance #camping #glamping #RV #JoshuaTreeNationalPark #NationalParks

Big Bend Ranch State Park 2022

One of my favorite times of the year is our annual pilgrimage to Big Bend Ranch State Park in southwest Texas. It’s remote. No phone signal. Temperatures are mild. You might get into the low 40s at night and almost 70 during the day. For reference, we are hauling a 2015.5 year Lance Model 1995 […]

Our Cabin in the Woods

While the daily temperatures are soaring into the “hundos,” as my hipster young weatherman likes to say, it truly is refreshing to head up into the mountains and enjoy a dip into the 40s and 50s overnight. I especially like the high of the day being around 70. The Sacramento District of the Lincoln National […]

2022 Summer Camping Trip

This year’s Summer Camping Trip was the first big one coming off the heals of COVID-19. COVID didn’t stop us from the last couple years but it certainly had an impact on where we could or couldn’t go. I think the highest gas prices we saw were $5.56/gallon, but generally hovered around $5/gallon. It certainly […]