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Why I’m not getting an iPad 2

I won’t be jumping to the new iPad 2. That’s not an indication to a lack of features, but a testament to the perfection Apple achieved in the release of their original iPad. I pre-ordered the 64GB 3G model when it was first released and that workhorse is still chugging away perfectly. So perfect in […]

Regarding the iPad Orientation Lock

It seems that everyone is up in arms about Apple’s decision to do away with the orientation lock on the iPad. I’ll agree that having that lock available as a physical switch has been pretty handy. Initially, this switch was to be a mute switch just as the iPhones and iPod touches have them are […]

Eating Through My Data

Today I kept track of my data usage while on 3G using what I would refer to as minimal internet usage. The day began with 15 MB already used and my  battery level was at 61%. I deleted 7 messages in Mail (MobileMe, push), then clicked link on email from Apple to check the status […]