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New iPhones

Everyone seems to be weighing in with their thoughts on the iPhone event next week. There’s going to be an iPhone 5. There will be a new iPhone 4. OMG! A dirt cheap iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4s! This should come as no real surprise to us. Yes, there will probably be an all […]

Congress Looking at Cell Phone Exclusivity Arrangements

When I first saw this headline, I thought to myself, “It’s high time someone looked into these arrangements!” But the truth is it’s these types of arrangements that inspire change and advancement in technology. It’s a love/hate relationship. This exclusive arrangement is what enticed at&t to give Apple what they needed to re-invent the cell […]

The Expo that wasn’t

The Macworld Expo is going on this week, and Apple’s Keynote Presentation, normally delivered by Dear Leader himself, was in a word: lame. Lamest. Expo. Ever. No wonder Steve didn’t want to give that presentation. How could he possibly follow other keynotes with one that announces updates to iLife and iWork? Think about the past […]

Apple’s Black Friday, blacker than first thought?

I got this email from Apple enticing me to pay a visit to the online store. “Lots of gifts. 1 day not to miss. Get the season’s best prices on Mac, iPod, and iPhone gifts.” I headed over to the online store this morning to see what all the hype was about. Nothing. $10 here. […]

Hello iPhone 2.2

I upgraded my iPhone’s OS to version 2.2. I’ve noticed some pretty decent improvements. Little things mainly that bugged. Not enough to make me complain, but little things that I wondered why it didn’t work right, and was probably a pretty easy fix to begin with. Scrolling through contacts for example. Ever since our iPhones […]