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Eating Through My Data

Today I kept track of my data usage while on 3G using what I would refer to as minimal internet usage. The day began with 15 MB already used and my  battery level was at 61%. I deleted 7 messages in Mail (MobileMe, push), then clicked link on email from Apple to check the status […]

Congress Looking at Cell Phone Exclusivity Arrangements

When I first saw this headline, I thought to myself, “It’s high time someone looked into these arrangements!” But the truth is it’s these types of arrangements that inspire change and advancement in technology. It’s a love/hate relationship. This exclusive arrangement is what enticed at&t to give Apple what they needed to re-invent the cell […]

I can’t get free wifi from att hotspots…waaaaaaaa

See here. People are complaining that they can’t get the free wifi service available from ATT because ATT requires the use of a text message for authentication before they let you use it for free. What’s the catch you say? They have their text messages disabled. Solution? Quit being cheapos! You’re using a premier phone, […]