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Viral Video Reveals Racist Rant

ABC 7, KOAT, in Albuquerque reports on a vile racist rant that went viral on the tic tocs. Just goes to show how this type of shit happens on a regular basis. Daily, I’m sure. I can recall being with some hispanic friends in the early 90s in southern Georgia and being witness to some […]

That Awkward Flight Home When You Know Your Wife Wants You Dead

You head of the Georgia mom who is accused of plotting to kill her husband while in the Bahamas? Couple thoughts. For starters, the court let her out on bond, but she must stay in the Bahamas. Well fuck. That’s the worst punishment they could think of? I kid. I kid. I know. Innocent until […]

RIP: Twitterrific

I joined Twitter in August of 2008. It was still pretty new then. There were no ads that I can remember at that time. I recall a Twitter app but it was very lacking. Hence the introduction of the clients. My preference at the time was Echofon. Soon, Twitterrific caught my attention and for a […]

United Baggage Bonanza

Wow. Just another reason I haven’t, and never will, voluntarily fly again. Some crazy shit right here. Luggage that was being tracked by the actual customer via an Apple AirTag going all over the place while United Airlines told her the bag was safely secured in their distribution Center. When in fact, it was at […]

3 Stars. 4 Stars. I’m The Guy With The Fat Check.

So the good General is retiring and the latest news from CNN is that he gets to keep his 4th General Star because the President said he could. But what does this really mean? Let me state right off the bat that all this information is publicly available. No big deal. All the information: Who […]