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Reflections of 2010

Wow. Another year has come and gone, and boy have we accomplished quite a bit over the year. Rather impressive as I look back on it all and see it all at once. Clicking on any of the images wills how the full size version or the video, whichever applies. The first Sunday in January […]

Quicken Essentials for Mac

I eagerly mounted the install volume when I returned from work for the day. My mission: install Quicken Essentials for Mac. I’ve been using Quicken for Mac for some time. Quicken has never been the most aesthetically pleasing application by any reach of the imagination, but it has always done what I’ve required of my […]

Hello iPhone 2.2

I upgraded my iPhone’s OS to version 2.2. I’ve noticed some pretty decent improvements. Little things mainly that bugged. Not enough to make me complain, but little things that I wondered why it didn’t work right, and was probably a pretty easy fix to begin with. Scrolling through contacts for example. Ever since our iPhones […]


TwitterFon (iTunes link) is a new Twitter client that I am trying out on my iPhone. So far, it seems pretty attractive. The asthetics are pleasing, it seems to include all the features I use except for inserting a link from Safari (like Twitterific does). It appears to display feeds much faster than Twitterific as […]

Voice search with google

The google app on iPhone has received a new feature: the ability to perform a search based on what you tell it. Simply open google on your iPhone, and as the animated graphic instructs you to do, raise the phone to your ear as if talking to someone, and after you hear the tones, say […]