The Spaying

Bailey with Cone of Shame

January 10, 2020. 3 years ago today. The day we got Bailey spayed. Poor thing. I have never felt more sorry for a dog than I did with Bailey that week. Especially the first time she had to drop a deuce. She was crying and whining the whole time. Scared me so much I took her to the vet again just to be sure she was OK. She was.

She was a good sport about the cone of shame she had to wear for over a week. Out of our three dogs, she is the only one that we have had since she was a baby. The other two were already spayed by the time we accepted them into the family. Both of them had about 4 years under their belt when we adopted them.

On the intelligence side of the house, Bailey is the smartest of the bunch. She learned how to use that cone to her advantage real fast. She was able to run and power herself through the doggy door to get outside. The doggy door! With millimeters to spare on each side, she knew just at what angle she had to hold her head to make it work. And she ran through it at full speed. She used it to secure her food. Drop some food on the floor? PLOW! She would get that cone over it, sealing that cone to the floor, protecting that piece of food from the other two vultures.

Compare that to our middle baby, Abby, who had to wear a cone for a few days last week to keep her from licking her cut foot. She couldn’t even make it through a human door with her cone on. Literally. The cone hit the side of the door frame and she just looked as us like None Shall Pass.