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iOS 17

After upgrading to iOS17 everything still seems to work. That’s what we call progress.

My Rambling on About iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini is as close to the glory days of my 4s that I’ll ever see.

New iPhones

Everyone seems to be weighing in with their thoughts on the iPhone event next week. There’s going to be an iPhone 5. There will be a new iPhone 4. OMG! A dirt cheap iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4s! This should come as no real surprise to us. Yes, there will probably be an all […]

iPhone’s Audiobook Features Get Some Love

When listening to my current audiobook last night, I noticed it had a couple new features. I can now increase or reduce the reading rate (1/2, 1, or 2 X), and can jump back in increments of 30 seconds. Pretty cool. Delaying or increasing the time does effect the sound quality, of course. [Posted with […]

Congress Looking at Cell Phone Exclusivity Arrangements

When I first saw this headline, I thought to myself, “It’s high time someone looked into these arrangements!” But the truth is it’s these types of arrangements that inspire change and advancement in technology. It’s a love/hate relationship. This exclusive arrangement is what enticed at&t to give Apple what they needed to re-invent the cell […]