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Gaia GPS Test Drive

Enjoyed a long weekend at Davis Mountains State Park over this Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. Turns out we did the same thing last year over the same weekend at the same park. Different site. Habits die hard I guess. Looking back over the years it seems to be split between Davis Mountains and City […]

The Magic Bullet

Every once in a while I come across an infomercial that garners enough of my attention to do a little research on it; find out if it actually lives up to its intentions. The Magic Bullet was one of those infomercials. I’ve seen it several times and each time I thought to myself, “If it […]

Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio Review

I ordered the Acase iPad Case off Amazon’s Best Deals page over the weekend. Prime Shipping and no taxes pulled $25.95 out of my account. List price goes for around $79. My first impression of this case is that it is solidly built and very attractive. It look and feels every bit of $79. Unfortunately, […]


TwitterFon (iTunes link) is a new Twitter client that I am trying out on my iPhone. So far, it seems pretty attractive. The asthetics are pleasing, it seems to include all the features I use except for inserting a link from Safari (like Twitterific does). It appears to display feeds much faster than Twitterific as […]

Voice search with google

The google app on iPhone has received a new feature: the ability to perform a search based on what you tell it. Simply open google on your iPhone, and as the animated graphic instructs you to do, raise the phone to your ear as if talking to someone, and after you hear the tones, say […]