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iBank mess

Reading about all the goodness of the new and improved iBank, I thought I’d download it and give it a whirl. Yes it does support direct download for many banks (including mine), but check out the screenshot here. Yuck. All I did was go to the download screen to communicate with my bank and make […]

Fox News – iPhone style

Imagine my surprise when I went to tonight on my iphone, and it automatically redirected me to An iPhone version of my favorite news site. Sweet! And they even copied the dock’s background for their top banner. More and more sites are coming up with iPhone-centric sites all the time. They even did […]

And the winner is…

NOT HD DVD!!! It’s been a long time, but here I was talking about the format war of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD back in October of 2005. It’s been a long and drawn out fight, but Blu-Ray appears to be the winner. Microsoft is being all nonchalant about it saying “We do not believe the recent […]

IT strikes again

If you’ve read this blog from the beginning (circa 2005) then you know my disdain for government IT skills, or rather, lack of. Read this for a good example. At the time I wrote that article there were 3 people in our IT department. There are still 3 people in that department, but they are […]

20 pounds of Columbian

Most who read this blog already know I roast my own coffee. This week my largest order ever arrived at my doorstep. 20 pounds of raw Columbian. I usually order by the two 5 or one 10-pound bag and that lasts me about a month and a half.