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Spring Forward

For those of us who still wear real watches, and not some Dick-Tracy-wannabe-lets-notify-me-without-having-to-carry-a-phone-yet-another-gadget-tell-me-you’re-a-nerd-without-telling-me-you’re-a-nerd, it’s that time again. Personally, I wish we’d just get rid of Daylight Savings Time altogether. Those with the smart watches will be really happy when the iBrain iMplants come out. Perhaps they’ll even charge themselves off our bodies, essentially, using our […]

Mystery Parts

Enjoyed a small vacation in the Davis Mountains, located in Southwest Texas. Some good hiking opportunities abound and within short driving distance to the McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis, Davis Mountain State Park, and about an hour from Balmorhea State Park (should it happen to be open on any given day). As most areas in Southwest […]