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Addicted To Our Devices

This began as a story about being addicted to smartphones but ended up being about notifications in iOS 5 instead. A recent article from CNN claims that we are addicted to our smartphones and launches a list of reasons and symptoms to support his claim, and finally gives a solution – lock your devices up […]

Regarding the iPad Orientation Lock

It seems that everyone is up in arms about Apple’s decision to do away with the orientation lock on the iPad. I’ll agree that having that lock available as a physical switch has been pretty handy. Initially, this switch was to be a mute switch just as the iPhones and iPod touches have them are […]

Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio Review

I ordered the Acase iPad Case off Amazon’s Best Deals page over the weekend. Prime Shipping and no taxes pulled $25.95 out of my account. List price goes for around $79. My first impression of this case is that it is solidly built and very attractive. It look and feels every bit of $79. Unfortunately, […]

Eating Through My Data

Today I kept track of my data usage while on 3G using what I would refer to as minimal internet usage. The day began with 15 MB already used and my ¬†battery level was at 61%. I deleted 7 messages in Mail (MobileMe, push), then clicked link on email from Apple to check the status […]

iPad’s in the House!

My iPad arrived yesterday at 1:34 PM. Unusually early for a new Apple device to arrive at my door. Past experience has shown me that if Fedex claims I’ll have my item by 3, I’ll get it by the end of the night, if at all. Once, the item didn’t arrive on said delivery day. […]