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Addicted To Our Devices

This began as a story about being addicted to smartphones but ended up being about notifications in iOS 5 instead. A recent article from CNN claims that we are addicted to our smartphones and launches a list of reasons and symptoms to support his claim, and finally gives a solution – lock your devices up [...]

3 Stars. 4 Stars. I’m The Guy With The Fat Check.

So the good General is retiring and the latest news from CNN is that he gets to keep his 4th General Star because the President said he could. But what does this really mean? Let me state right off the bat that all this information is publicly available. No big deal. All the information: Who [...]

10 Reasons to drop eWeek from your RSS reader

Was somebody fired from Dave Letterman’s show and subsequently picked up over at eWeek? Or are eWeek’s editors losing creativity when assigning names to their articles? Seems like every other feed that comes down the pipes have “10 reasons” or “10 Ways” in the title. This is getting very boring. I give you 10 recent [...]

Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you ask for. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and hope like hell that Microsoft finally gets what it deserves. Of course I’m speaking of its latest bag of hurt that is the Word patent infringement ruling. After years of putting out applications that, for the most part, were straight up [...]

2 Kindle or Not…

Amazon released their 2nd iteration of their self-proclaimed popular eBook reader. I say self-proclaimed because I have yet to see anyone using one. When Apple pronounced their iPods as popular, you could see everyone and their brother with some white earbuds dangling from their heads. I’m still waiting to see someone outside the tech-writing industry [...]