OmniWeb Set Free

My one-time favorite Mac web browser is now free. It was my favorite until I waited those 12 historic hours to lay my hands on one of the first iPhones. Then bookmark syncing between the browser on my iPhone and my desktop overuled any loyalty I had for OmniWeb.

I started using OmniWeb during my OSX Public Beta days, even buying a license at that time, and I’ve renewed it ever since.

The folks at OmniWeb replied to my emails requesting dynamically updated Safari bookmarks and said they were working on it, but it never came to fruition that I saw. That would have kept me using OmniWeb on my desktop.

In this blog the good guys at Omni make their announcement, including a handful of other applications. Linda, who writes this particular post, anticipates some questions. Questions like, “Wait! Does this mean you’re discontinuing these products?” The answer: No. We aren’t ruling out future updates at all, and we’re keeping our options open. We have lots of ideas for what we’d like to add to these products, and it’s possible that at some point we’ll have more resources to allocate to them.

That’s business-speak for “yes, we are discontinuing these apps, but who knows? At some point we may choose to bring them back into development if it becomes economically feasible.” Shut it down but keep the door open.

They are not killing off OmniWeb; it will simply go off to live with other browsers at this browser farm where it can roam free. OmniWeb, you have served me well.

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