We bought a house!

We made the jump and bought ourselves a house. A couple weeks ago Carol and I went out to look at some houses. Not to buy just yet, but to get a feel for the market; see how much houses were going for, what the floor plans looked like, etc.

We ended up looking at 4 different houses before we saw the one we both thought was perfect. 2 weeks later we closed on it.

We moved in on Saturday, unpacked on Sunday, and took last night off from settling in.

The area is still under construction, and there is no cable yet available. I picked up a nice amplified HDTV antenna yesterday from Walmart for about $40 and we can receive everything but PBS now. We enjoyed watching 24 last night, even better than watching it on our cable in HD at the apartment! No picture stalls or pixelation like we would regularly see on our Time Warner HD channel bearing the same call sign.

More house updates to follow. Stay tuned.

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