Why I’m not getting an iPad 2

I won’t be jumping to the new iPad 2. That’s not an indication to a lack of features, but a testament to the perfection Apple achieved in the release of their original iPad. I pre-ordered the 64GB 3G model when it was first released and that workhorse is still chugging away perfectly. So perfect in fact, that I am not compelled in the least bit to order the iPad 2.

When Apple released the iPhone 3G I so wanted to get one because it gained features that I desperately wanted. But I was held back because of the 2 year contract I incurred with AT&T. Because of that 2 year contract I am forced to leapfrog generations of iPhones. That is not the case with the iPad. Nothing is keeping me from buying the next generation except how well the first generation is performing.

The iPad 2 gains dual cameras, lighter weight, thinner form and a faster processor. I have no need to use a camera, although admittedly I’m sure I would use it occasionally for video conferencing if I were to find myself with that capability, but i also know that when I buy my new iphone this year, ill gain that option anyway. The lighter weight and form factor and faster processor aren’t enough to sway me to throw down another $900+. The memory sizes have not changed and I still find myself at the high end version of memory.

So I’ll just wait until the 3rd iteration of the iPad comes around and see if that adds any features that might sway me. Again, that just testifies to the perfection of the original iPad. If someone hasn’t bought the original version yet then this proves to be an even greater value.

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