iPad’s in the House!

My iPad arrived yesterday at 1:34 PM. Unusually early for a new Apple device to arrive at my door. Past experience has shown me that if Fedex claims I’ll have my item by 3, I’ll get it by the end of the night, if at all. Once, the item didn’t arrive on said delivery day. My solution was to go to CompUSA and buy the product. The following Monday when the item was delivered, I simply rejected it.

I am very impressed with everything. I played with it all day and most of the night, and still had over 50% battery life available. It is very fast. Just about as fast as the equivalent task on my 27 inch iMac. Safari rips through web pages. Every sweep of the screen, opening and closing of applications happens instantaneously before your eyes. I’m currently writing this on my iPad in WordPress utilizing my Apple Wireless Keyboard. There is no lag between hitting a key and seeing its character appear on the iPad’s screen.

Most applications I have downloaded for the iPad are first rate, except for this WordPress app. They should have left it in the oven for an hour or two more. Hopefully, they’ll get it straightened out soon. I had some serious issues with copy and pasting into WordPress. I was only able to get it to paste once. Right now I’m having an issue with the built-in spell check. WordPress tells me that the word is misspelled, and when I select the correct suggestion nothing happens. There also appears to be no way to enter a tag or category. The fields are there, but claim there are none and refuses to let me input one. I’ll have to look into that more after I finish writing this. (Update: they eventually let me input a new tag, and my categories eventually showed up)

I had already bought my major applications (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) and they were transferred during my initial sync. I received this notification that Activation was in progress and that it might take awhile. After the sync the message persisted, but was able to be dismissed and the iPad was ready for use.

I was excited to see that a couple of my iPhone apps are ready for the big screen: Amazon, IMDb. I was disappointed that a couple of my apps were not ready, mainly Apple apps: iDisk and Gallery. Other apps were ready, but had to be downloaded because they are considered new apps altogether (I’m looking at you, AIM, Twitterrific, and The Weather Channel Max). AIM has a pretty decent app. It might be more useful in the future when they are able to pull off some multi-tasking, but as it stands now, you can’t chat with anyone while doing something else. That is what my iPhone is for, right? It’s my constant “chat window” sitting next to my iPad.

Selecting my 3G data plan was pretty painless. It’s not really an “app” that’s built into the iPad, but rather a browser window of sorts opens up and gives you the options and you have to click your way through the plan. You have to create a login/password account, and that’s what you have to enter every time you want to see your account details, like how much data you’ve consumed. I found that even though I was connected to my Airport Extreme the whole time, iPad still found a way to register a MB of data. If you really want to turn off the cellular traffic flow, I suggest you put the iPad in airplane mode, then turn your wi-fi on. I purchased the $15 plan just to see how much I will use. Hopefully, I can get away with that plan for a month. If so, I’ll go ahead and probably just let it automatically renew itself.

The iPad folio cover was pre-ordered with the iPad, but is backordered and scheduled to ship next week. A quick search on Best Buy tells me it’s also out of stock at my local store. Someone is selling one on Amazon for $90. I’ll pass on that deal, seeing it retails from Apple at $40.