A snow day – read below first

A little background on this video, then check it out. A student calls the house of an administrator of his school asking why it wasn’t a snow day. Nobody answered so the question was left in the form of voicemail. The student received a voicemail of his own from the wife of the administrator. The video above is the voicemail along with a list of suggested reading material for the wife. Seems appropriate to me. Who’s the real child? You decide. You can check out the news story here if you like.

You can argue all day long over whether or not the kid should have called in the first place. I don’t think that really matters. It was a listed number. He is a kid. All kids practically have cell phones today; it’s the instant communication age. He did use his cell phone at a school where cells are prohibited, so there is definite fault there, and probably why he received Saturday detention for it. The wife has no excuse though. I think the correct response would have been to just let the administrator handle it. The punitive results would have been the same and the embarrassment the wife provided wouldn’t have happened. And you wouldn’t have been reading about it here.

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