NBC is sucking up to Apple

Remember when NBC’s Zucker and Dear Leader Steve got into a pissing contest last fall? It went something like this:

NBC: You make too much money off your iTunes eco-system. We want a percentage of all sales of your iPod and Apple TV and iPhones. We want to charge more money for what we sell on iTunes.

DL: siooma.

NBC: What?

DL: siooma.

NBC: What does that mean? That doesn’t even make sense!

DL: siooma.

NBC: Fine, then we won’t renew our contract in December to sell our shows on iTunes.

DL: Fine with me. Oh, about selling on iTunes – I won’t let you sell any new content from your TV shows that start new this TV season, even though your contract doesn’t expire until December.

NBC: pft.

DL: You’ll be back.

Well, maybe it didn’t go down exactly like that, but that’s pretty close to what was said. I might have thrown in one too many “sioomas.” Then came last week’s Stevenote. Dear Leader talked about movie rentals, and how all major and most minor movie studios were on board. That means Universal is on board. Who owns NBC? Universal. After I saw that, I told Carol that it wouldn’t be long before NBC came crawling back with it’s tail tucked between its legs, asking – nay… begging – to be able to sell its content on iTunes once again. And now we read this article. How long before we see NBCs crap on iTunes again?

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