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The Expo that wasn’t

The Macworld Expo is going on this week, and Apple’s Keynote Presentation, normally delivered by Dear Leader himself, was in a word: lame. Lamest. Expo. Ever. No wonder Steve didn’t want to give that presentation. How could he possibly follow other keynotes with one that announces updates to iLife and iWork? Think about the past […]

NBC is sucking up to Apple

Remember when NBC’s Zucker and Dear Leader Steve got into a pissing contest last fall? It went something like this: NBC: You make too much money off your iTunes eco-system. We want a percentage of all sales of your iPod and Apple TV and iPhones. We want to charge more money for what we sell […]

Macworld afterthoughts…

Now that the Reality Distortion Field has worn off the Stevenote, let’s take a look at what Macworld brought me this year. First we received some really nice statistics. Leopard sold more than 5 million copies in the first three months. Wow. Astonishing. Lumped into number one was Time Capsule. Time Machine is part of […]