Voter polls

We were getting tired of all the pollsters calling up, trying to sway our votes one way or another. We decided to have a little fun with that. Let me say I don’t believe in voting in the primaries, as that will force me to vote party lines, which is something I don’t do. Sorry. I’ve got a mind of my own. I don’t let any party tell me how I need to vote. I vote my conscience. Party lines be damned.

So when Obama’s people call, I tell them I’m voting for Hillary. They hang up mad. When Hillary’s people call, I tell them I’m voting for Obama. They hang up mad. When McCain’s people call? Nader. Hahaha. Now I can’t wait for them to call me. Just to hear their reaction.

Carol took it a step further. They had a bunch of poll people hanging out at the school. She asked them if there was some sort of big election coming up or something. They swarmed her like a school of pirana! They were handing her all kinds of cards and flyers, telling her she should vote. She asks them where she needs to go to register to vote. After that, they left her alone.

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