Windy season returns

Every year, from sometime in February until sometime in April, the winds come a-blowin’. My first wind season here would have been in 1997. I remember it well. Birds were laying low on the ground. Big birds too – not your swallows or sweep but big honkin’ pigeons. Big enough to pass for a delectable cornish hen for two. I saw them hit the ground and stay. It was too dangerous for them to be flying around in that wind. They know that if they start to fly, there will be no telling where they will end up at. And they know this. I walked up to them. Seeing how long they would sit there. They sat there until I was about a foot from them. Then I got this really nasty look from it and it took to flight. That was the last I saw him. The wind grabbed him and flung him into the air and over the neighbors house. That bird was gone.

Then the wind picked up my full size grill. Literally, picked it up in the air and dropped it off in the neighbor’s yard. I had just installed a full propane tank on it too. It was pretty heavy. Ever since then, I always had a chain or wire around the grill, the tank, and something that wasn’t going anywhere. Finally, a couple minutes after the grill was gone, a big tire came rolling into our yard from the highway.

That was my first year. I pretty used to it now. You learn to lean into it. Much like a weed leaning with the wind doesn’t get pulled out by its roots. It was pretty strong this weekend. Above, you can see the winds were back. They were going pretty rough on Friday afternoon. So bad, in fact, that we were talking about another year past where people who had their windows cracked only on one side during one of these storms had their windows blown out from the pressure/vacuum of the storm. No soon had we mentioned it when someone came into the building talking about windows shattering in the parking lot.

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