Taco Tuesday a Trademarked Phrase?

Taco Tuesday

Oh wow. I hadn’t realized that Taco Tuesday was actually a trademarked phrase, nor had I heard of Taco John, although I’d doubt the authenticity of any Taco made by a “John.” I kid, I kid. I’d hit it. Then make my decision. After all, who’d eat an authentic taco made by a Walt, am I right? Although I would put my taco up against any other any day.

Matter of fact, I thought I practically had Taco Tuesday trademarked, as I have had and announced Taco Tuesday for as long a I can remember. Check out my signature Brisket Taco Plate. Cue the “I-Made-This” sound byte from the end of X-Files credits.

I smoke my own brisket, just for the use of my Taco Tuesdays and my Breakfast Tacos. I don’t do brisket for dinner slices. I make my own charro beans and rice, and usually the charro beans make a good refried beans. Homemade guacamole and pico de gallo. Sour cream. Wash it all down with a frozen margarita. Served on a 375-degree platter. This. This is every Tuesday in my house. You can set your watch and warrant on it.