Echoes of Home by M L Rayner – A Ghost Story with Ties to the Heart

I’m not the fastest reader, but I chug along reading every night before bed. The latest finished novel comes from Matt Rayner, Echoes of Home. Reading took me from May 5 – May 23 at my usual intended 15-20 minutes per night but being the page-turner it was, on a couple occasions, had me pushing the envelope at maybe half an hour give or take.

As mentioned previously, this was a page-turner and provided all the tell-tale signs of a great ghost story – the need to turn the page when it is really time to put the book down, tingles running up and down your spine, and closure at the end.

I’m not one to give details of a story, but I will say that it revolves around a man who loses his family to gain another, and solves a pesky apparition problem in the meantime.

You’ll get bonus points for reading past the end and into the acknowledgements in the form of insight into the basis of character names, story, and Rayner’s personal tie-in.

Next up: The Mobius Door, by Andrew Najberg.