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Echoes of Home by M L Rayner – A Ghost Story with Ties to the Heart

I’m not the fastest reader, but I chug along reading every night before bed. The latest finished novel comes from Matt Rayner, Echoes of Home. Reading took me from May 5 – May 23 at my usual intended 15-20 minutes per night but being the page-turner it was, on a couple occasions, had me pushing […]

Free/Inexpensive eBook Deals – Do They Pay the Piper?

I dive into the greasy underworld of books/ebooks publishing and get answers straight from the proverbial horses’ mouths – M.L. Rayner, Jeff Strand, and Dan Moren. What’s the difference in the authors’ pocketbook when it comes to outright purchasing, renting, or getting that phat discount?

2 Kindle or Not…

Amazon released their 2nd iteration of their self-proclaimed popular eBook reader. I say self-proclaimed because I have yet to see anyone using one. When Apple pronounced their iPods as popular, you could see everyone and their brother with some white earbuds dangling from their heads. I’m still waiting to see someone outside the tech-writing industry […]