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Congress Looking at Cell Phone Exclusivity Arrangements

When I first saw this headline, I thought to myself, “It’s high time someone looked into these arrangements!” But the truth is it’s these types of arrangements that inspire change and advancement in technology. It’s a love/hate relationship. This exclusive arrangement is what enticed at&t to give Apple what they needed to re-invent the cell […]

2 Kindle or Not…

Amazon released their 2nd iteration of their self-proclaimed popular eBook reader. I say self-proclaimed because I have yet to see anyone using one. When Apple pronounced their iPods as popular, you could see everyone and their brother with some white earbuds dangling from their heads. I’m still waiting to see someone outside the tech-writing industry […]

A case against the rag

I’m not the first to make the observation that most tech rags (magazines) are becoming obsolete. But I recently cancelled my subscription to Macworld Magazine. To be honest, I didn’t really cancel. Technically I failed to renew. In my mind I cancelled it. I also cancelled (for real) my subscription to eWeek over a year […]