Mona App for Mastodon is Out!

Mona App for iPad

Unlike, Tucker Carlson being out, this means it’s available now! Although, I suppose the same could be said about Carlson. Damn the English language.

Continuing on. I’ve been waiting for a couple months now to be able to try Mona. I skipped on being a beta tester in favor of trying a good first version. And Oh boy I was not disappointed! Love it, and I’ve only been using sparingly for the morning.

So far I have been using Ivory from Tapbots and it’s been really good to me. The main sticking point for my use of Ivory over Ice Cube is the way it utilizes my iCloud account to sync my timeline across my iPhone/Pad

There are many excellent pro features on Mona. I’ll let you figure them out. I’m going to list what my favorites are – my selling points.

  • iCloud sync
  • MFing Quote Post!
  • Edit Post
  • Block users
  • Scroll bar scrolling on iPad (and inverse scrolling, all available via advanced settings)

Again, so many more one could list but these are my killer features.

Once I first installed it, all it would do was view and post. Then I figured out that I had to either choose the 14 day FULL functioning trial or purchase. A great relief to see something that is not a subscription based fee. $15 or $16 (I can’t remember now) gives you the full version and ability to use it with all your devices and all your accounts. Plenty of lesser tiers and update pathways to choose from.

Well done Mona Team! You already got my $16. Go ahead and give it a whirl. With a 2-week free trial, what have you got to lose, but your previous go-to Mastodon App?

RIP Jerry Springer

NPR is reporting that Jerry Springer has died.

Whenever I thought I had a fucked up life, I’d just turn on the Jerry Springer Show and he’d show me that naaaa, I had nothing on this person of the day. Every. Single. Show. Was some other person with a way more fucked up life than me.

He’d have Steve Wilkos stand between two fighters, but only after enough suitable punches had landed or hair had been pulled. And then he’d offer some sage advice and tell us to love one another.

Tucker Carlson is Out!

Well that didn’t take long. CNN is reporting that Carlson Tucker and Fox News have parted ways. Another case of Fuck Around and Find Out, only a week after having to settle a lawsuit with Dominion or face their emails/texts being made public in what would have been a very humiliating trial for Fox News.

So long Tucker! Don’t let the door hit ya where your good lord split ya! Go spread them lies elsewhere now. Get your own domain and join the other fallen has beens, like Bill O’Reilly. Or better yet, collaborate with Bill and come up with the Twin Zone.

DC to DC Charger Install Part 2: The Trailer

Standard waiver of responsibility applies: This is how I did it. I have over 38 years of experience in electronics. Your safety is your responsibility. Always seek professional guidance if you have any questions. Never guess when it comes to your life.

This is part 2 of a 2-part series. Part 1 can be viewed here. It also contains the complete parts listing with links in case you are interested. If you want to jump to the final video of the install completed, you can see it right here.

To recap my purpose, I am not installing this to be able to charge my trailer as I am traveling. I don’t have an issue with that. Between the existing truck power and solar panels, I usually get at least a 7 amp charge that basically keeps the battery topped off. If battery is not topped off, the solar panels will ensure it is. This charger is designed to be used while driving, so it includes an extra 12 volt input that gets applied when the vehicle key is in the run position. Turn your vehicle off and that 12 volts goes away, turning off the charger. That will keep it from depleting your towing vehicle’s battery to charge the house battery. But that is not how I designed my install.

My purpose of this charger is to provide a high amperage charge to the house battery in the event that I happen to go 3-4 days without good sunshine and I want to be able to have enough power to get me through the night. I can run the truck for 20 minutes and that will be enough. This will eliminate the need to carry around my small generator as a back up that I never use. This provides me peace of mind while not carrying the backup inverter.

This being the case, I have a switch installed inside the trailer that is used to apply that 12 volts to the charger. Plug only the this power plug into the truck, not the regular trailer pigtail, start the truck, and flip that switch inside and the charger will be energized and charging.

Instructions from Renogy, and just really good advice in general, you want your DC to DC charger to be as close to the battery as possible. This is why I chose to install it in the same cubby as the rest of my power components. I am making all my own cables, so before I can cut my wire to no more/no less than needed, I needed to know where the charger would be physically mounted.

First step was to remove all the power. I removed the solar panels and battery from the system. No more power and the physical removal of the battery provides a decent amount of space to work in.

I chose to place it next to my DC to AC Inverter, which required lowering my inverter a little. It was about dead vertical dead center on the cubby wall. I removed and lowered it to where it would provide the charger with the 5 cm of surrounding space required for proper heat dissipation. Now that my location was known, I went ahead and found the route my cable would take from the tongue to the separate components involved. I used the existing trailer pigtail as a guide since the connector on the truck is very near the connector where that pigtail is plugged into. The frame of the tongue is hollow and provides access holes. Perfect.

Power center, battery removed
Power center, battery installed

Back to the power center, I removed the existing battery cables for the terminal and tied some wire to them. I pulled them out from the front/exterior and as I did it pulled that wire through that I tied to them. This will provided me an easy way to fish the new and existing wires back through. Now that I have all the cables running from the battery compartment to the tongue, I was able to cut the wires to the length I needed in order to manufacture a properly sized pigtail.

Before working on the truck-side of this project last weekend, I started off with 50 feet each of red and black wire. After install I only had about 3 feet of red and 2 feet of black left. I used more of the red because of fuse placement. I installed a 100 amp fuse on the truck side and 80 amp fuse on the trailer.

I was sure to place all shrink tubing and connector assemblies on the cables prior to using a torch to solder the stripped ends into their respective plug ends. Terminal lug on the battery side and SBC120 pins on the pigtail side. Now that the cables are complete I started at the point where the cables get fished through from the outside to the inside of the trailer. Kind of the middle point from a construction view point. On the outside I then installed some plastic cable protections around both cables and ran the pigtail end of the cables through the access points of the tongue frame and had it exit just under the propane tank holding area. Mirroring the existing trailer cable.

SBC120 connector holder with dust cap
SBC Connector, dust cap off

Finally, I slid the SBC120 pins into their connector and slide the connector in the housing of the connector holder and secured. I used cable ties to keep the red and black wires together. This newly constructed cable connects directly to the charger as the DC input.

SBC120 connector plugged into truck

Having done this, it was a simple job of connecting the components into the existing system via my bus bars I manufactured when I installed the LiFe BT battery.

I left some lights and the radio on all night so that I’d have less than full battery the next day for proper testing. Battery (200AH) was down to 88% (174AH). Turning the charger on provided a 56 amp charge to the battery. It charged back up to 97% in 20 minutes. At that point the charger reduced the amperage to 30AH, then 20, as it reached full charge. I’m a Happy Camper.

Fox News – FAFO SE

File this under Fuck Around and Find Out: Special Edition.

The Fuck Around

We all know by now that Fox News was pandering to their audience when reporting what they knew to be false information for the sake of keeping their core audience – mainly, Trump Fuck Bois. And if you don’t know, then your probably a Trump Fuck Boi and you’ll get no sympathy or love from me. Fox chose to settle in literally, the 11th hour rather than drag their employees to testify under oath what they new at the time and face public humiliation.

The Find Out

A big fat pay check! Fox settled for $787.5 M I L L I O N! Yeah Boiiiii! The largest payout ever publicly disclosed by a news agency. 19% of the money Fox had in 2022.

The Special Edition

Couldn’t have happened to a better news corporation. But wait, it’s still not done, really. Dominion has 6 more lawsuits pending against Chump and his cronies. Not to mention Smartmatic’s lawsuit. Good times.