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PBS Joins NPR in Ditching Twitter

PBS and NPR have both temporarily left Twitter. These are my thoughts.
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The Elephant in the Room: One Man’s Journey into the Miocene

Since Megalomaniac Musk killed off 3rd party Twitter clients, I began my journey into the other world of comparable microblogging platforms. I noticed that most of those humans I followed and respected had migrated over to Mastodon. Naturally, I gravitated towards it. Like a raging anti-vaccer, I “did my research,” went to the Join Mastodon […]

RIP: Twitterrific

I joined Twitter in August of 2008. It was still pretty new then. There were no ads that I can remember at that time. I recall a Twitter app but it was very lacking. Hence the introduction of the clients. My preference at the time was Echofon. Soon, Twitterrific caught my attention and for a […]


NOUN- A general decrease in the valuation of your company when your main boy thinks he can buy and run another company – but instead fucks it. NPR is reporting that Tesla stock not only lost 65% of its value in 2022, but 12% in a single day in 2023. Also provides four reasons why. […]

I’m tweeting!

Haven’t been updating the blog much. I have starting “tweeting” using the twitter service. I’m using Twitterrific on both my iPhone and Mac. If you use twitter, you can follow me here. It’s Wednesday here, so another day off for me. Next Wednesday will be the end of my summer schedule. Got a ride coming […]