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Voice search with google

The google app on iPhone has received a new feature: the ability to perform a search based on what you tell it. Simply open google on your iPhone, and as the animated graphic instructs you to do, raise the phone to your ear as if talking to someone, and after you hear the tones, say […]

Words of wisdom – brought to you by Monkeyboy

At this time, Steve – no, not that Steve – Ballmer, aka Monkeyboy, is stating that Android isn’t a competitor – yet. When will this guy get clue? I mean, come on, here he is talking some smack that Apple iPhone doesn’t have a chance. Not. A. Chance. Check out the video here where he […]

Why working for google would suck

I’m sure working for Google has its perks, but one thing I can think of that would sway my choice of employment would be the G phone. Their new open source OS running on some other phone. Can you imagine the pressure? What kind of pressure would those employees be under to not use an […]

Earth day schmearth day

So “everyone” around the world turned their lights off for an hour last night to commemorate our realization that Global Warming is a reality and that we can possibly do something to avoid it. Carol’s watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and they are playing this game on it right now. I’m […]